Killeen HVAC Repair

Air Conditioning Services offers expert HVAC repair services in Killeen and the surrounding Bell County, TX area.
Our HVAC technicians are highly trained on a wide variety systems and have the skill set to pinpoint any issue that needs to be repaired. If your HVAC system is not working, making a strange sound, or is circulating a foul smell, Air Conditioning Services is here to help. Our HVAC repair technicians are available 24/7 for urgent repairs.

HVAC System Diagnostic Test

We start HVAC repair projects by identifying system issues through a diagnostic test. We monitor blower output, freon levels, belt and component wear, and overall efficiency to find issues in your system. If your HVAC system is not working, we will test components to pinpoint where the error may be.

HVAC units are a large investment, and our diagnostic tests are here to help you keep your system running efficiently to save you money from costly replacements. Air Conditioning Services has a variety of repair options to choose from to match any price level and your comfort needs.

Freon Leaks

Freon plays a major role in an air conditioning unit, and without proper pressure levels, your system will be run inefficiently and wear out compressors and other HVAC components. Freon leaks occur when pipe fittings loosen or crack releasing freon from the system. During our system diagnostic, we will monitor the freon levels to make sure there are no leaks in your line.

Blower Repair

HVAC blowers are responsible for circulating air through your home. It is common for blower units and belts to wear down over time from overuse and dust build up. If proper air filtration measures aren’t taken on your HVAC system, dust will build up on the blower unit clogging the fan and restricting air flow.

Improper freon levels will also overwork a blower unit, causing it to circulate a larger quantity of air to lower the temperature of a building. Air Conditioning Services repair technicians can tackle any blower repair job and are knowledgeable on most manufacturers.


Air Duct Repair

Through wear, stress, and constant use HVAC air ducts can develop holes and splits. Once an air duct tears or has developed a hole, you will begin to see a loss in heating and cooling efficiency. Air ducts can be tested for leaks by monitoring air vent flows throughout different rooms in a building. Once pinpointed, our repair technicians will be able to quickly repair the issue with any ventilation system to get your system up and running efficiently again.

Filter Replacement

Air filters are a crucial part to any HVAC system because they not only block contaminants and particles from re-entering through your home but also help maintain your HVAC system. Air filters will stop particles from building up on components including blowers, compressors, and air vents. There are a wide variety of air filters available to fit any price range and home comfort level.

Water Leaks

Air conditioning units and heat pumps will collect moisture from the indoor air when it is pushed past the lines of freon. Moisture that collects on coils and compressors will be drained out of your home through a series of pipes, however, if a drainage pipe has become clogged, broken, or detached from the condenser water can leak into your home. If you notice moisture or any water near your air compressor or heat pump in your home, it is important to get the issue fixed quickly. Drainage pipe issues can lead to water damage and structural issues.

Furnace Repair

If your furnace is not blowing warm air, making a strange sound, or emitting a gas smell, you should shut the furnace off entirely. Because furnaces use natural gas to heat circulating air, it is important to practice extreme caution when troubleshooting issues. Gas leaks and circulation issues can create fire hazards, so it is important to make repairs quickly.

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