Energy Conservation

At Air Conditioning Services we are devoted to offering heating and cooling solutions that will save you money. We approach energy conservation with your pocketbook in mind and find where you can get the most savings on heating and cooling bills with the smallest investment. Our energy conservation solutions are targeted to improve the efficiency of your home and even use the earth’s natural temperature balance for your benefit.

Air Duct Repair

Air ducts can break down over time which can cause major efficiency losses and air pressure drops. Leaking air ducts will send air where it should not be going and will suck in air that is not at the right temperature. This means it will take your HVAC unit longer to heat or cool down space. By keeping on top of your HVAC ductwork, you save yourself money on every utility bill, and prevent costly repairs for more extensive damage later.


“Keeps the warm air separate from the cool air!”
Insulation increases the R-value or resistance of heat transfer through walls, flooring, and roofs. Made of fiberglass and other thermal breaking materials, insulation restricts air flow and slows down the transfer of heat through surfaces. Proper insulation is important to maintain maximum energy efficiency because it keeps your HVAC unit from working harder to heat or cool a building. Heat will always transfer through your home, either escaping in the winter or coming in during the summer, but insulation will slow it down.

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