man replacing an air filter for an HVAC unit

Why Air Filters are Important

Although air filters may seem simple and uncomplex pieces of foam, fabric, or paper, they are a crucial part to an HVAC unit. Air filters are most important for blocking airborne particles from entering into your system which comes with two main benefits of keeping your HVAC system clean and improving your indoor air quality.


How to Lower Your Heating Bill

Everyone wants to stay warm and comfortable in their own home, which is why we are here to help residents throughout Central Texas where winters can go from mild to harsh in the same week, which could send your electric bill through the roof. The following are some heating tips which will help you lower your heating bill this season in Killeen.

air duct technician with tool box and hard hat

Air Duct Service

An overlooked part of a home’s central heating and cooling system is the duct system. Simply put, the ducts form the distribution network for air by spreading throughout the house via the attic and crawlspace. Ducts allow the movement of cool or warm air from the central unit to all the rooms and walkways. Over time, they collect dust and dirt, which may have a negative effect on the quality of air in the home.


Get an AC Tuneup to Prevent Costly Repairs

The summer heat will likely stick around a while longer, so maintaining your air conditioner will help prevent problems and costly repairs. Like our cars, our air conditioners need routine maintenance to keep them at their peak performance. You’ll get more mileage, so to speak, if you’re having an HVAC technician check your cooling system in the spring, and heating system in the fall.